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Beckermills Ornamental Windmills
Beckermills Ornamental Windmills are manufactured using the same precision engineering used in our Aeration Windmills.  
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Blades Large 72" Diameter fan wheel. Twelve blades are fully tapered and get wider at the outer tips, and also change pitch. This allows blade assembly to start turning at low wind speeds and also develop high power in strong winds.
Hub Welded steel hub is completely assembled. The blades can easily be attached to the hub. Hub securely attaches to shaft with 2 set screws tightened down to flat spots on the shaft, and a bolt and washer in the end of the shaft prevents the fan wheel from ever coming off.
Over speed protection: The tail design keeps the windmill facing directly into the wind, until wind speeds reach 30 mph. At this time the tail forces the fan wheel to turn 12 to 15 degrees away from the direct wind so that it cannot over speed. It's all automatic.
Towers: The tower design is very similar to the old style water pump windmills. It is made of galvanized steel angles and "x" bracing. It has 4 legs. This means it covers more square feet of area than a tower with 3 legs, and also it has 4 anchor stakes instead of only 3. This all adds up to more stability.

Available in 12', 16',  20' and 24' heights.

Anchor Stakes:


At the bottom of each tower leg is a 6-bolt anchor stake clamp. The anchor stakes are 1" steel tubes pinched on both ends. The anchor stakes slide down through the clamps as you drive them into the ground. This is a good anchoring system and also allows you to level your tower as you tighten the clamps. Other anchoring systems can be used at your own discretion.
Maintenance: Very low maintenance is required. This complete windmill was designed with assembly and maintenance in mind.
Warranty: We are so confident in this design that we have included a 5 Year  Limited Warranty.
30 Day Money 
Back Gurantee
If you are not satisfied with your Beckermills Windmill, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. You are responsible for shipping and any damaged or missing parts.
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Tower Stance
      12' Tower 4' 4" Square
  16' Tower 5' 8" Square
  20' Tower 7' 0" Square
  24' Tower 8' 3" Square
Shipping Dimensions & Weights
              Hub 9" x 13" x 13.5", 13lbs.
Blade and Tail 4" x 15" x 46.5", 58lbs.
Comp 13.5" x 19" x 26", 55lbs.
8' Tower 3.5" x 3.75" x49", 57lbs.
8' - 12' Ext.  3.5" x 3.75" x 49", 45lbs.
12' - 16' Ext. 3" x 3.5" x 49", 43lbs.
16' - 20' Ext. 3" x 3.5" x 49", 47lbs.
24' Ext. 3" x 3.5" x 49", 57lbs.
  Maximum Air pump Capacity 2.4 CFM at 9 mph 
up to 5 plus cfm at higher wind speeds
  Pressure  30lbs.
Galvanized steel tower, blades and tail.
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